"The aim of every artist is to arrest motion,

which is life, by artificial means and hold it

fixed so that a hundred years later, when

a stranger looks at it, it moves again

since it is life."             -William Faulkner


"From the beginning I've envisioned a weathervane built to combine solid traditional crafting with modern design themes and elements.......

From the beginning I've always envisioned a Ferro Weathervane."


With more than a dozen years of weathervane making experience, David Ferro has amply demonstrated his commitment to observing the highest tradition of New England Craftsmanship while staying at the forefront of modern design.

Ferro Weathervanes are of a new generation; graceful, colorful,  and full of personality - yet, all his designs hold to the fundamentals of his forefathers.

David's own hands, using traditional techniques of forming and raising, create each weathervane sculpture. What makes a Ferro weathervane so exceptional is attention to personality. Features, which are essential to the character of a subject, are not ignored in a Ferro weathervane. "I will emboss facial features, musculature, and surface texture to capture a subjects essence." David is a pioneer in introducing new materials to weathervane design. Many of his ideas are now followed by other weathervane artists. When appropriate, he utilizes hand fired and colored glass eyes created for taxidermists. Stained glass is also used when permanent color is desired. "I ally myself with a range of metal smiths and woodcarvers but it is my fascination of glass that inspires me lately. Herein lies another material that can withstand the elements. More importantly, it allows the introduction of color to a weathervane in a novel way. Future work will certainly incorporate more glass.  23 Karat gold leaf is used partially instead of as a whole to accent areas of a design permanently. Tinning parts of a subject also add a permanent highlight. .Cast parts of his own design are occasionally used when more detail is necessary.   Only Ferro Weathervanes brings you, not only flexibility to the sculpture, but to the assembly below it as well. We have a large variety of posts, compass points, copper and glass globes, and other ideas to customize and personalize your weathervane. As you can see, David continues to be an innovator in his field with constant experimentation of new materials and effects.

The superior craftsmanship and attention to design at Ferro Weathervanes are unmatched by any other weathervane company.

Due to the fact that Ferro weathervanes are now collected as interior sculpture as well as rooftop ornamentation each Ferro weathervane is titled, signed and dated. Each of Ferro's works stands to increase in value with age. In fact, David's works will more than likely become heirlooms cherished by each following generation.


A  copper body sitting on my bench for weeks.
No legs, no head, yet it calls to my conscious,
Finish me!

Give me form and find me a home,
For I desperately want to be part of this world.

Let me be, let me soar above it for a century,
and soak it in.

Then, let me down
and give me place of honor upon a mantle,
Inside where it's warm and dry 
by the fire,
So that I may retire.



Ferro  Weathervanes


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