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Weathervane Time Capsules

Winds of Time - Time Capsules and Memorials

Ideas For Filling Your Time Capsule
Guidelines for  Safe and Not-So-Safe materials to fill your time capsule to preserve their journey into the future. Also ideas on what you can send.

Kids and Capsules
Get children interested! After all, they are our future. Only the Time Capsule may reveal facts for THEIR grandchildren about you and your family.

The Time Capsule Process
How Ferro Weathervanes will make the Time Capsule.

Time Capsule Options And Pricing
A time capsule isn't the only way to tell future generations about you. We also offer additional options.

Ferro Weathervane Accessories, time capsules, restoration, memorials, monuments

Use these weather vane secrets for restoration, archives, monuments, commemoratives, remembrance, family history, personal history, municipal projects, corporate and anniversary gift ideas, organization and special occasion gifts. Related topics are plaques, cornerstones, archival storage, buried capsules, archaeology, and antiques.

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