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C U S T O M    M I S C .   W E A T H E R V A N E S

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tevye fiddler on the roof weathervane shooting star weathervane st saint michael weathervane toad weathervane, wind in the willows centaur weathervane
Tevye Shooting Star Saint Michael Toad Centaur
amusement park weathervane, roller coaster folk art antique angel weathervane doughnut shop  baker weathervane vampire bat weathervane bear and lightning bolt weathervane, grateful dead
Amusement Park Angel Baker Bat Bear & Bolt
beehive beeskep weathervane mason brick layer weathervane calvin and hobbes weathervane chef cook restaurant weathervane coyote and cactus weathervane
Beehive Brick Layer / Mason Calvin Chef / Cook Coyote & Cactus
crocodile croquet weathervane, alligator antique stubborn donkey weathervane design fairy weathervane family crest weathervane, coat of arms waterworks faucet weathervane
Crocodile Croquet Stubborn Donkey Fairy Family Crest Faucet
fireman, fire engine, fire fighting weathervane fishing frog weathervane gingerbread house weathervane golf ball, golf club weathervane golfer, golfing, weathervane
Fire Engine Fishing Frog Gingerbread House Golf Ball Golfer
baseball weathervane hiking turtle weathervane jumping horse and t bird logo weathervane ice cream cone shop weathervane mashomoquet indian weathervane
Greg Harris, Hall of Fame Hiking Turtle Horse & T-Bird Ice Cream Indian
racing horse jockey weathervane joggers jogging weathervane john deere tractor weathervane kissing fish lovers weathervane korbel brandy champagne weathervane
Jockey Joggers John Deere Kissing Fish Korbel
monogram weathervane statue of liberty american flag 911 weathervane lighthouse weathervanes boy golfer weathervane little leaguer weathervane
Letter Vane Liberty Lighthouses Lil' Golfer Little Leaguer
mickey mouse weathervane minute man weathervane old tyme fashioned baseball weathervane palmetto and crescent weathervane grand piano and rose weathervane
Mickey Mouse Minute Man Old Tyme Baseball Palmetto & Crescent Grand Piano
quaker farms wooden weathervane racquetball player weathervane roses weathervane santa and reindeer weathervane scandinavian dancers weathervane
Quaker Farms Racquetball Player Roses Santa & Reindeer Scandinavian Dancers
service station gas station weathervane sewing machine weathervane snoopy weathervane butterfly weathervane skiers skiing weathervane
Service Station Sewing Machine Snoopy Butterfly Skiers
stegosaurus dinosaur weathervane tasmanian devil weathervane tennis racket weathervane turtle weathervane upholsterers tack hammer weathervane
Stegosaurus Tasmanian Devil Tennis Racket, Detailed Turtle Silhouette Upholsterer's logo
wespoint army navy football weathervane wind maidens weathervane windmill weathervane wizard weathervane yellow jacket sea bees weathervane
WestPoint Football Wind Maidens Windmill Wizard Yellow Jacket


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