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The most crucial part of a weathervane is its spine. The spine is the post & spindle (pole, pin, shaft, rod, mast, spire etc.).  The Ferro Post & Spindle is the best in the world. Made of high grade corrosion resistant and high yield strength metals. Featuring Bearing-tip and Perma-pinned or welded spindles they are zero-maintenance and the longest lasting post available.

The long fat portion is the Post. Half the post is for mounting, with the other half left exposed for the array of compass directionals, balls, and other ornaments.  The short, thin portion is the spindle.  This disappears into the tube that is part of the weathervane figure.  A ball is attached inside the spindle tube as a bearing so the figure hangs and rotates on this pivot point.

Bearing-tip Spindles.  Some companies supply their spindles with a squared flat tip. Experience has shown the squared edges can snag and even cut a weathervanes spindle tube from the inside. Ferro spindle Bearing-tips are precision ground and polished to a radius to avoid this problem as well as reduce bearing surface allowing a trouble free, smooth rotating action.


Perma-pinned or Welded Spindles. Threaded posts & spindles are used by some weathervane suppliers.  These threaded posts always become unthreaded sooner or later. The problem is that as the weathervane figure spins it loosens the threaded spindle. The spindle starts to wobble and enlarges the hole in the post. The weathervane fails and the post needs to be completely replaced. The Ferro post and spindle system is innovative. The spindle is embedded a full 1" or more into the post. A pilot hole is drilled through both and a stainless steel expansion pin is tapped through the post and spindle or the joint is welded.   The two are locked together forever. Not one of these posts has ever come loose!


   Standard Stainless Steel Posts

(304) Grade Stainless steel.  For centuries, the post & spindle was made of steel and painted black. Frequent re-painting is required to keep the post from rusting and history has shown that in most cases, weathervane failure  is due to steel posts that were not well maintained. Ferro Weathervanes offers posts made from stainless steel which is rust resistant and never needs painting. Stainless Steel is standard on all Hand-Sculpted weathervanes.

POST 10" Spindle Perma-pin Welded OPTIONS
Diameter Length Colored Finish Teflon Coat Spindle
3/4" 18" 5/16" $40 $60 $15 $4
3/4" 18" 3/8" 55 $75 15 5
3/4" 18" 1/2" 50 $70 15 6
3/4" 28" 5/16" 55 $75 20 4
3/4" 28" 3/8" 60 80 20 5
3/4" 28" 1/2" 65 85 20 6
3/4" 36" 3/8" 70 90 25 5
3/4" 36" 1/2" 75 95 25 6
3/4" 48" 3/8" 85 105 35 5
3/4" 48" 1/2" 90 110 35 6
7/8" 36" 1/2" - 115 25 6
7/8" 48" 1/2" - 120 35 6
1" 48" 1/2" - 150 35 6
1" 72" 1/2" - 200 55 6

Yellow row is the most common Post & Spindle combination

Colored Finish Option.  Primed and enamel paint coating.  Choose from Black, Bronze, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow or White,

Teflon Coated Spindle Option.  Have your Stainless Steel spindle coated with DuPont Non-Stick Teflon Fluoropolymer. This thin unique dry film creates a vibration suppressing, chemical-resistant coating that will repel abrasive contaminants while lubricating.  Teflon features a longer lubricant life with a high and low temperature resistant range, enhanced wear protection, sound dampening, and a high resistance to weather.

Spacers Option.    - CLIK HERE to visit the spacers page and see how you can easily and inexpensively hide and improve the look of your post without painting or any maintenance.


   Custom Stainless Steel Posts

High Grade Stainless steel.  Choose from (304) stainless or the higher corrosion resistant (316) stainless steel to have a post made to your exact needs. The Molybdenum that gives 316 excellent corrosion resistance for use in a variety of marine and chemical-processing applications makes it ideal for use as weathervane posts.


Add $20 per post to drill & Perma-pin,  or $30 to drill & weld.

Charges include boring, rounding ends, and pinning or welding.

Add one inch per spindle for embedding into post.



Per Inch (304) Per Inch (316) Teflon per in.

5/16" Diameter

.50 .53 .40

3/8" Diameter

.75 .87 .50

1/2" Diameter

$1.00 $1.10 .60


    Color per in.

3/4" Diameter

$1.50 $1.95 .90

7/8" Diameter

$2.00 $2.45 .95

1" Diameter

$2.50 $2.95 $1.00


   Premium Bronze Posts

High Silicone Bronze Alloy.  The alloy we use for this premium Post & Spindle is exceptionally strong, weather resistant, and beautiful. This excellent marine grade corrosion resistant bronze alloy is stronger than stainless steel and the high silicone content makes the spindle a natural bearing material. The golden copper color of the metal is beautiful, needs no maintenance, and blends perfectly with the brass and copper colors of weathervane figures while aging gracefully to a fine verdigris patina.. It is the perfect post choice for weathervanes to be heirlooms. Custom posts available by quote.

POST 10" Spindle Welded
Diameter Length
3/4" 24" 3/8" $180
3/4" 24" 1/2" 200
3/4" 36" 3/8" 220
3/4" 36" 1/2" 240
3/4" 48" 3/8" 260
3/4" 48" 1/2" 280
1" 48" 1/2" 395
1" 72" 1/2" 550

Yellow row is the most common Post & Spindle combination

   Cast Aluminum Vane Posts

The Olde Style cast aluminum weathervanes have been around for about 70 years. The attractively shaped posts are cast in aluminum and do not rust but do fatigue with old age. If you have one of these old vanes and need a new post, here it is.

Vane POST & SPINDLE Spindle Portion Black White
Diameter Length
24" 5/8" 15" 5/16" x 1.5" $10. $15.
30" 3/4" 20" 5/16" x 2" 20. 27.
46" 1" 28" 5/16" x 3" 30. 45.

Order bases shown separately HERE.




   Machine Made Weathervanes Steel Posts


Post & Spindle

Threaded Steel Post
3/4" x 28" post &  3/8" x 10" spindle $20
3/4" x 28" post &  1/2" x 10" spindle $25

Email a photo of your weathervane and we'll tell you which post is needed.

April 8, 2016

Hi David,

I'd like to mount my new Good Directions 515V1 Large Rooster Weathervane the "right" way for long-term, maintenance-free durability. It replaces an identical weathervane damaged by a storm. (Unsurprisingly, the original steel post rusted, and the spindle subsequently loosened in the wind - as described on your website.)

Thank you,

Brian R. Wilson

Half Moon Bay, California


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