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Weathervanes Articles and Essays


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The Ancient History of Weathervanes

How long ago were the first weathervanes used? What did they look like? A detailed history of weathervane beginnings in ancient times from 2000  BC to 1600  AD.


How to select a Weathervane
Not All Weathervanes Are Created Equal. With so many varieties of weathervanes in existence today, learn how to distinguish the styles, shapes and types.


Crafting Weathervanes
Weathervane crafting techniques are as varied as their subjects. This page describes some of our techniques.


Gilding Weathervanes
Gilding a weathervane with this tissue-thin leaf is magical. It creates a warmth and luster that is unachievable with other materials. It adds distinction to a figure that may otherwise be overlooked. It transforms the ordinary weathervane into the remarkable.

Weather Vane Poetry
A collection of poems with Weathervanes as the main theme.


Old Time Weather Predicting

Old time articles on 'How to Predict Weather Using Nature's Weather Signs.'

The Most Expensive Weathervanes
What are or were the most expensive weathervanes known today?

A Russian Weathervane Discovery

An interesting Weathervane story comes to us from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Weathervanes and the Post Office
This pictorial essay  honors the long standing relationship between the U.S. Post Office and Weathervanes as an art form. .

Weathervanes, Grounding & Lightning
Answers to "Do weathervanes attract lightning?" and "How do I 'ground' my new weathervane?"


This section focuses on weather vanes through, writing, writings, poems, books, editorial, dissertation, information about history, reference, reports, research, news, reporting, reviews, literary composition, thesis, news media, commentary, education and a reading list.

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