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Ferro Weathervanes provides an extensive, affordable array of Parts & Accessories allowing complete control over customizing, personalizing, or restoring weathervanes. Practical features like lightning protection, theft deterrents, and upgraded materials are also offered. These distinctive adornments and equipment are easily installed by anyone. Don't overlook the dynamic effect these unique ornaments have on the 'look' of a weathervane.


Weathervane Posts
The Ferro Weathervanes post and spindle system is innovative.  Not one of these posts has ever come loose or required painting!


 Weathervane Mounts & Brackets
Various options to mount and display your weathervane.


 Weathervane Directionals
Which way does the wind blow...Don't overlook the dynamic effect that compass points have on the overall 'look' of your weathervane. Browse the beautiful styles we have available. Do you love an antique design no longer made or need replacement compass points for a restoration project? You may find it here, the majority of our designs are exact replicas of 100 year old designs


 Decorative Glass Balls
Borrowing an idea from our cousin, the Lightning Rod, we offer these wonderfully colored and shaped Glass Balls. These distinctive balls are specially created for outdoor use to adorn weathervanes and lightning rods.



Decorative Assembly Spacers

Hide the 'stick look' of your weathervane. Use our decorative brass spacers by placing them in the space between your compass and globes.



Ball Rings and Collars
Ball rings and collars are used to seat copper or glass ornamental globes on a post or rod. Our new 'screw-less' clamping type is very strong and non-rusting due to its stainless steel material.



Lightning Rod Balls and Parts
Features Antique Glass Balls, Rods, Arrows, a History, and Replacement Parts.





Crosswinds Weathervane Accessories. Glass and Copper balls, compass points & directionals, mounts & brackets, grounding clamps, posts, time capsules, retaining hooks



Weathervane Metal Balls
American made and imported varieties of copper balls sized to fit almost any weathervane post or design


Cupola Plans
Detailed plans to assist you in building the perfect podium for your special weathervane.


Now you can see wind speed as well as direction by adding anemometer windcups  to your weathervane.


Retaining Hooks
Retaining hooks are used for security to help protect against theft and secure a weathervane from 'flying' off the post in a strong wind.





Time Capsules
Imagine someone 100 years from now finding the Time Capsule you left in your weathervane.


Grounding Clamps
 When needed, these clamps make grounding our weathervanes and finials easy



Ferro  Weathervanes


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