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                      Weathervane Education                                          This article first appeared in the magazine Traditional Building.

To make the right selection for your project, 
here's a guide to the different types of weathervanes.
By David Ferro and Tina Loureiro

Weathervane InformationWithout falling from vogue, weathervanes have enjoyed over two thousand years of proud use. Archeological evidence is prominent in Greek history from c.48 BC. The Vikings used vanes as navigational aids in the first century AD. An alleged Papal decree in the 9th century gave the Rooster ornament its popularity. The symbol was used to remind Christians of Peter's betrayal of Christ and insure they would be in attendance for Mass. The English began the use of bannerette-style vanes as a sign of nobility in the 10th century. With the settlement of a New World, Americans facilitated widespread use of weathervanes by making them fashionable. Today, weathervanes are being rediscovered as an opportunity to express individuality, regardless of the "direction" in which it may lie.

To serve the growing demand, there are more vanes being made in the world today than at any point in history. Due to the large variety of manufacturers and styles, becoming familiar with the product is crucial when purchasing. Since the purchase of a weathervane is often a singular affair, and because it's inaccessible and highly visible, it is important to select carefully.

Mechanically, a weathervane is simple. The challenge lies in constructing the vane to endure adverse climate throughout decades of use. Although occasionally .... Click here for more

Weathervanes are available in silhouette, swell-bodied, and full-bodied styles. A silhouette vane is an outline of a design cut from any piece of flat, rigid material .... Click here for more

Silhouette, swell-bodied, and full-bodied styles assume their form through various manufacturing techniques, including casting, machine pressing, .... Click here for more

Purchasing a weather vane should be an enjoyable experience. Using the knowledge provided here, you might now conduct an educated search for a vane that best .... Click here for more

Learn about weather vanes. We have a vast amount of information for explanation or instruction. You will find facts, descriptions and definitions to describe and define wind vanes for choosing, selecting, and buying your wind vane from the best advice, guidance, and consulting available.

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