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Weathervane Making Classes


Ferro Weathervanes is one of the world's leading retailers specializing in weathervanes. Owner, David Ferro, began The business out of his love for weathervanes and the need to share them with others. In his own studio, David creates vanes on a daily basis to customer specifications and ship their works throughout the world. Come and join him in the studio. Work with him side by side and create your own weathervane to take home.

An introduction to the Workshops.

The Art of Weathervanes Workshop
Description and information on the Workshop as it applies to getting started, creation of  weathervanes, handling copper and the various finishes. Lectured with personalized, hands-on instruction.

Gilding Weathervanes Workshop
Learn from experience in a hands-on setting how to prepare a weathervane and proper application methods of the gold-leaf.

SCHEDULE, Enrollment & Tuition
Information on tools and materials, how to enroll, tuition fees, general info, and local
accommodations for students.

Submit this form to RESERVE your class space.

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Take a course in weather vane construction, building weather vanes, hand crafting, metal forging, metal working, coppersmithing, copper working, chasing and repousse techniques, sculpting, black smithing, metalsmithing, shaping copper, or soldering instruction for creating a windvane. The training received will benefit you in a future school, class room, seminar, apprenticeship, lecture, study program, clinic, learning institute, art center, and with lessons in art education or arts and crafts. From novice to experienced blacksmith, visit us in New England for a working vacation.

Ferro  Weathervanes


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