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Q: If a rooster weathervane lays an egg, on which side of the roof will it fall?
A: Neither side! Weathervanes don't lay eggs - especially roosters.

Q: What are the funniest weathervanes available?
A: Comedi-Hens!

Q: Why are roosters used for weathervanes and not chickens?
A: Because chickens are chicken of the weather!

Q: Why are duck weathervanes crazy?
A: Because they are Quackers!

Q: If the tail falls off your weathervane, where do you go to get it fixed?
A: A Retail Store!

Q: How do you fix a broken canary weathervane?
A: With special tweetment!

Q: What did the Popeye Weathervane say?
A: Well, Blow Me Down!


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