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Installation Suggestion for Finials and/or Roof Caps


1.   SKIP TO STEP 3 IF INSTALLING A ROOF CAP ONLY.) First, determine if it is possible to drill a 3/4" hole into solid wood in the peak of your roof for the bottom of Finial's post. This is the best method for anchoring a Finial.  Drill a plumb hole into the peak. Smaller finials 6"- 9" depth.  Larger Finials 10"-12" depth.  Measure the post below the finial, deduct 2 or 3" and that is the depth for that finials' post.

2. The finial's bottom-most ornament should be about 2" to 3" above roof peak or Roof Caps' peak.

3.  Properly seal roof with roofing material before installing cap. **ROOF CAPS SHOULD BE USED FOR ORNAMENTAL PURPOSES ONLY and NOT for supporting a finial or weathervane or sealing roof from weather.

4.  Use PLENTY of clear ADHESIVE SILICONE CAULKING inside cap, around screw holes, around bottom of post, and inside the tube opening where finial enters cap.  Place caulk into the hole in the roof if installing a finial or weathervane.

5.  If installing a finial alone, press post into caulked hole in roof.   Make sure the joint where the post goes into the roof is well caulked and your done.

6. If installing both a Finial and Roof Cap, Use care to assure that edges on bottom of cap will not get caught, push firmly, but not forcibly, onto roof peak. Secure using brass or bronze screws in holes provided by placing 2 opposite screws. Double-check plumb and finish securing cap to roof.  Place caulking around the inside of the tube in the cap and slide the finial down into cap and into roof.  Place more caulk at the joint where the post enters the cap.


Make sure to drill the hole plumb!

Copper is soft and will bend and dent easily. Use caution when handling!

This sheet is intended as a suggestion. Use any superior methods of installation available!

                  For best results, use the best quality clear ADHESIVE SILICONE CAULKING available;          applying liberal amounts throughout the installation.

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