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Mounting Weather Vanes on Cupolas


1. Drill a 3/4" hole in top of cupola, and try weathervane post in hole.

2. Install a pressure treated 2x4 inside cupola with a hole bored half way through to seat post.

3. Install post temporarily and utilize to plumb, then remove for next step.

4. Using a sharp hacksaw and a vice, trim post from bottom so that it extends no more than 14" above top of cupola. (Not counting spindle).

5. Install post using silicon adhesive caulk at seat and top of cupola.

6. Refer to weathervane assembly instructions to complete installation.

If you cannot mount your weathervane using the above method, we have other mounting options available. (Click Here).

Do you need a different size post? (To Weathervane Posts)


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