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Assembly of Copper Weathervanes


Assembly1.)  Secure ring 12" below top of post and slide large globe down post to rest on ring.  Do not over tighten screw in ring.  If ring is squeeze type, set around post at correct location using pliers. Apply a second ring on top of globe if using one of our glass globes.

2.)  Interlock compass point and slide down post to rest approximately 1" above large globe, set the "N" to north.  Secure compass point in place. (CAUTION! - Do not allow compass point to fall on large globe.) If globes are not included with your vane, place compass set 6" to 10" down post.

3.)  Attach spindle to weathervane post if not already done.  DO NOT GREASE OR OIL!

4.)  Place small globe on post. Small globes have a large and a small hole. Small hole rests on post top around spindle with large hole at the bottom around post.

5.)  If weathervane has lift area such as an airplane or a bird, a locking device may be needed. This should be installed at this time! Slide figure and lock simultaneously down spindle and secure lock.

6.)  Slowly slide weathervane figure over spindle. It should slide down easily and come to rest just above the post.


Ferro  Weathervanes


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