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Assembly & Installation of Aluminum Weathervanes



Assembly and Installation of Wrought Iron Style Weathervanes

Assembly1.)  Loosen bolt "F" to adjust the base. Attach mast and base assembly "B" to structure in desired location with screws. Be sure to use appropriate screws to type of roof material and size and weight of weathervane.

NOTE: Screws are not included due to wide variations in mounting conditions. Brass or stainless steel screws are recommended.

2.)  Attach directional letters to mast, E-W first, then N-S.  The N-S directional letters should interlock with E-W. Adjust N to point north and tighten set screw "S". (DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN!)

3.)  If arrow and ornament are one piece, proceed to step 4. If arrow and ornament are separate pieces, attach as follows: Align the holes in the base of the ornament, but with the bulk of the surface of the ornament toward the tail of the arrow. The arrow and ornament assembly is designed to be slightly "Tail Heavy" in order for the arrow to remain pointed into the wind. Attach with screws provided.

4.)  Place arrow and ornament assembly over mast pin "E". No lubrication is necessary.

5.)  Make certain mast is vertical, then firmly tighten bolt "F" at base.


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