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C O P P E R    R O O F   C A P S

 Our Finials and Roof Caps can be ordered/installed individually or combined for greater aesthetic effect. When multiple facets of a roof culminate in a peek, an awkward blunt point is the result. A roof cap can subtly and efficiently complete the intended architecture. They can be used on turrets, towers, gazebos, or any architectural pinnacle and  function as an effective transition between roof and finials or weathervanes. Each cap is made to fit supplied roof specifications from at least 16 gauge/ 24oz. Revere solid sheet copper. Seams are overlapped and soldered.

Caps are for ornamentation only and are not designed to weatherproof a roof or support a finial or weathervane. The post from these items must be properly installed separately. Caps returned for wrong pitch or shape given are subject to a 50% re-stocking charge.  This page MUST be printed out, completed, and included with your order form. If this form is not received with all necessary information, the specifications of your cap are not guaranteed.





Having an affordable, Tailor-Made Copper Roof Cap made for you is as easy as following these simple steps. Copper Roof Cap, Hemmed skirt

STEP 1.     PRINT this page, circle choice for each step. THIS COMPLETED PAGE MUST BE INCLUDED WITH ORDER!


STEP 2.     COVERAGE, Select length of cap sides.






STEP 3.     Choose the SHAPE that fits your roof.
CONE  -  $-Included   4 SIDES  -  Add $20.   6 SIDES  -  Add $30.   8 SIDES  -  Add $45.

STEP 4.     Determining Your ROOF PITCH.

Place a square anywhere along your Roof's angle. Measure out horizontally (level)12" and down vertically. Vertical measurement is your roof pitch to provide with your order.

4/12 - 6/12 Add $100

7/12 - 10/12 Add $75

11/12 - 20/12 Add $50

21/12 - 30/12 Add $25

31/12- 40/12 $-Included

                   /    12   



STEP 5.     PEAK STYLE?     SEALED - Used Alone     BUSHING - To allow sturdy installation of a weathervane or finial.

Sealed - $-Included   Silicon Bronze Bushing - $15






STEP 6.  Add Decorative,  Flexible,  Predrilled TABS.  Tabs add 4" - 5" length.  4 sided caps have 2 tabs per side.  Cones have 3 -5 tabs.
Plain - $-Included   Pointed - Add $10/cap   Shingle - Add $20/cap   Scalloped - $35/cap
Acorn - Add $40/cap   Clubs - Add $50/cap   Ogee - $60/cap   European - $70/cap
Arched - $80/cap   Mission - $90/cap   Cathedral - $100/cap   Flames - $115/cap

STEP 7.     DETAILS make the difference!   Caps up to 20/12 pitch only.
Plain - $-Included   Buttress- shown placed @ peak   Add $9 per side__________   Placement:  peak     mid     base    Studs-  shown placed @ base   Add $9 per side__________   Placement:  peak     mid     base     Gables-  shown placed @ mid   Add $9 per side__________   Placement:  peak     mid     base

STEP 8.     Do the MATH.

Add up dollar amounts in steps 2-7 and deduct current sale discount. This is your Copper Roof Cap Price.

Total from above__________-20% Current Discount =____________ (Your Cap Price)

Custom Roof Caps

Call first to discuss your custom project at 401-297-9560. If it is something we can help you with we will give you an email address to send specifications to for a quote.

The designs below are examples of some custom Finials and Roof Caps created for customers.
Architectural Banneret Finial   Modern Roof Finial   Lighthouse style Finial   Custom Copper Roof Cap
No. 1   No. 2   No.3   No.6
Large Custom Copper Roof Finial   Custom Copper Roof Finial   Narraganset Tower Finial   Decorative Roof Finial
No. 8   No. 9   No. 11   No. 12
Custom Faceted Roof Finial   Pagoda Roof Cap and Finial   Traditional Copper Finial and Roof Cap   Pineapple finial
No. 13   No. 19   No. 22   No. 24



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