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Custom Weathervanes

Hand Sculpted Custom Copper weathervanes, weather vanes


"I am interested in working one-on-one with the customer to translate ideas into a personalized and functional work of art. "   -David Ferro





I love weathervanes and I'm passionate about what I do. Custom weathervanes are the most interesting both to create and see. Sculpting a new form into life is an exciting and rewarding experience and its uniqueness attracts and engages viewers.

Custom weathervanes start with an idea for a design that is not available.  It may be as simple as customizing details of an existing design but exploring an entirely new concept is the most fun.

1. EMAIL me your thoughts. You can just request advice or a quote if your concept is developed.  Draw or describe the idea in an email and please provide as much information as you can.  I am also glad to help with sizing and placement if you furnish the dimensions of the cupola or building it will reside on.

2. Once I have all the information I need, I will explore it and respond within a couple of days with a detailed quotation.

3. A deposit is accepted as approval of the quote. I will furnish an approximate completion date and sketch, if needed, once the deposit is received.



Explore the Accessories available to complement your weathervane. Only Ferro Weathervanes brings you flexibility to not only the sculpture, but to the assembly below it as well. You will notice a wide selection of assembly hardware.  Customize with a large variety of Copper Balls and Compass Points as well as less expected ideas like Wind Cups and Glass Balls.  Unique and exciting inventions like Brass Spacers and Time Capsules can truly personalize your weathervane.







Use your business logo as a weathervane. You choose your logo with care and are proud of it. Now, show it off as a moving sculpture above your building. Weathervanes are a great way to show the pride you have in your business. They are continual advertising and an easily located identifying landmark.





CLICK HERE to see some of the custom weathervanes I have done over the last 25 years. The designs on this page may spark an idea we can explore together.  







Ferro  Weathervanes


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